maandag 25 november 2013

25th November, Warm welcome in Tel Aviv, Janneke Diels

25th November, Warm welcome in Tel Aviv Israel

Janneke Diels

The first thing they told us about Israeli people is that they can be a bit unpolite, the thing we've learned at our first day in Tel Aviv is: it is not true! From hostel, to shop up till the taxi driver they are amazingly kind and polite. An ideal climate for the Wetskills Water Challenge!

Fortunately Johan and me are two days earlier than the students will arrive in the hostel, so we can sort things out with the Dutch Embassy, Technion University and Mekorot (the water technology company of Israel). By taxi, bicycle and feet we get to know Tel Aviv, Forentine (where our hostel is located) and the old city of Jaffa.

Just one day before the Dutch participants of Wetskills Israel 2013 will arrive and we will start the program with two days of team building.
I can't wait!

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